Mediated Interactions
Mediated Interactions II
Mediated Interactions, III
Salt Lick Walk
Salt Lick Walk

Mediated Interactions: A Series


This body of work aims to reimagine the boundaries of verbal engagement in a way that creates new ways of experiencing our surroundings, the world, and ourselves. These works emphasize interactions mediated through an object that creates a reciprocal quality within body language. Through the use of materials such as metals, hair, fabric, and salt, I create physical extensions of the body that emphasize the ways in which we interact through engaging the senses. The physical qualities of these sculptural materials are essential as they allow for a unique visualizing of the intangible. 

My interest in the human condition and how we interact has led me to create works that present alternative ways of engagement with others, with animals, and with the environment through a Westernized lens. and potentially with the natural world. Pulling from Paul Rodaway’s book Sensuous Geographies, I agree that “we do not just sense passively, but actively; sensuous experience is exploratory and this exploration marshals all the senses cooperatively.” Beginning with a common object such as a pair of glasses or a stethoscope, I give each piece a surreal twist by altering its function just slightly that emphasizes, or interrupts, the function of our sensory perceptions associated with each object. This creates a charged object that depends on physical interaction to activate the work.

Mapping The Soundscape:A Cowpie MelodyArtist Name
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Mapping The SoundScape: A Cow Pie Melody

30 ft x 3240 ft x 2400 ft

mason line, rebar stakes, piano composition

This work demonstrates a reading of the landscape through the critical lens of both a musician and an artist. Allowing the structure of a piano scale to define lines within a space, I translate the physical architecture and objects into a piano composition. The landscape is imbedded with information, and through the systemized structure of piano music and the intuitive nature of deep listening, an awareness of space is realized.

Rural Soundscape
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Rural Soundscape

piano wire, barbed wire, fence stretching tool, wire cutters

In this piece, I am interested in focusing on the audible aspects of the landscape and the rhythms and melodies that are inherent within. As a visual artist, I get bored with looking at things because it alone can be constricting. Sounds, smells, textures, and tastes play an important part in our sensory orientation of self and can activate a picture that would be passive by itself. So put on a good pair of headphones, and listen to the clicks and whooshes of fixing a barbed wire fence with copper wound piano wires in the plains of eastern Colorado.