[I]nfluence /// c[O]nfluence

[I]nfluence///c[O]onfluence is a graphic score, a representation, and interpretation of the Colorado River and its meandering physical and cultural landscape. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, a resounding, reverberating single point some 10,000 plus feet above sea level gives birth to an extensive system of dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts, which in most years, diverts its entire flow for agricultural irrigation and domestic water supply. Running 1450 miles to its delta in the Gulf of California, the Colorado River carves right through the American West. Divided, subdivided, legislated, and appropriated over and over, seven American states and Mexico are dependent on the Colorado River for agriculture, city water, recreation, and many other activities.


[I]nfluence///c[O]onfluence interprets the physical form of the river along with surrounding cultural phenomenon, topography, time, and spatial relationships. The composition can be played by one player or orchestrated by a larger group. Any instrument is welcome to experiment with the composition. My hope is that a new awareness around our collective human relationship with the Colorado River can be explored through this piece of work. In order to preserve our rural agricultural communities in the American West, we need to incite dialogue about the delicate balance between people, place, and the natural resources we all depend on. To this end, I hope the composition can be useful. 


There are three parts to the score. Part 1 is the left side and displays open circles representing the inflows of the five major tributaries to the Colorado River: the Green, the Yampa, the San Juan, the Gunnison, and the Gila. The birth point of the river, thought by the Navajo to wield a strong female spirit, is written as a resonating circle with a sign in the center; the river itself as the primary line. This is part 2, the ever-fluctuating entity that connects us all. Part 3, on the right side with the closed circles, represents the seven states, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California, which depend on the river for agriculture, recreation, and services to municipalities. 

Starting at the left, follow each tributary to the middle. Always return to the sign, the colorado river. 

Then, from the middle, follow all seven outflows.  It is helpful to return to the sign. End at the coda. 

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